model MODEL

If a certain electric car company made a hair dryer, it would be as cordless as this one.

Spring 2020, second year of BA

Lund University, School of Industrial Design

Tesla, the brand that knows how to make batteries exciting. Always placing themselves and their technology in center of discussion, they’re a good fit for teenagers looking for a striking new hair dryer. An obvious competitor would be Dyson, who has been called “the Tesla of hair dryers.” Maybe it’s time for Tesla themselves to claim this title and make their own model?

Transition, the design theme that merges geometric shapes with organic forms. The world is being transformed in many ways. With fast technology development we’ve come to realise we need to find a good balance between sharp hardware and soft values. Maybe the transition is similar for Tesla entering the personal care field, or a teenager becoming a young adult?

Teenagers, the target group that is more concious about most things than any generation before them. From personal apperance to the health of the planet. Every product you use says something about you, and you can decide what it’s going to say. With all influences around, are re you going to honour your idols, or are you yourself going to be a MODEL?