Paper pulp

Introducing you to look at this material as the resource it is, readily available all around you.

Spring 2021, BA Degree Project

Lund University, School of Industrial Design

With the addition of two screws, the shoe box in the image functioned as a hallway shelf in my student apartment. It carried my everyday items for more than a year, until I moved out and brought the box with me. 

This box made me appreciate the paper material and made me wonder why so many products in our homes are made of materials that last longer than the products function. 

All you need to make paper pulp is water and something made out of paper. The most available paper around you is probably cardboard or carton. Delivery boxes makes it into every home more and more with increasing online shopping. Some of the needs to be filled by the ordered and delivered products can instead be filled by reshaping the very box the products would have come in. Or by reshaping any other paper object.