Ren Tur

Encouraging hikers in the Swedish mountains to bring their waste back down with them.

Fall 2020, third year of BA

Lund University, School of Industrial Design

“Nudge Don’t Shove” 

“If an individual makes a specific promise to take action at a time, they are more likely to follow through than if they state a general belief, and much more likely than if they do nothing at all. 

In summary, social norms, convenience, and diffused responsibility have been identified as the three main causes of littering, despite individuals’ best intentions and a prevalent belief that littering is undesirable behavior.” 

Littering behaviour Report 2018, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency 

By attaching this token to your backpack you’re not only getting reminded every time you open your bag, you also make a promise to yourself and to fellow hikers, that you are bringing every piece of waste you produce back down with you.